The 2.2” LCD display gives you lots of information and Bluetooth connectivity

Klever Connect app for iOS

Connect your iPhone to your Klever bike via bluetooth through our free app Klever Connect. Once synchronized, the display will show you who is calling on your phone, so you won’t lose important calls anymore. Download the app (coming soon) to your iPhone and follow the instructions to link your bike to your phone.

Easy and intuitive to use

5 levels of power

Bike mode
Like a normal bike, no assistance

Low power
Low amount of motor assistance

Mid power
Mid amount of motor assistance

High power
High amount of motor assistance

Turbo mode (Turbo button)
Extra power boost limited to 4 km/h

Useful information

Shows the current time

Shows the autonomy of the battery

Shows the trip amount of km

Shows the total distance traveled by the e-bike

Every info can be hidden/shown from the display settings


Bike info: model, serial number

Bike-iPhone Bluetooth link page

Hide/show displayed info on screen

Settings of lock, sound, lights, pairing and time

Reset trip and Bluetooth link or reset back to factory default

Your display, your key

The display is similar to a car key, insert it to power on the ebike and remove it to power off and automatically activate the alarm.

Find out more about security here.